Are there any limitations regarding the dimensions of the yacht or the boat?

No, we transport all motor and sailing yachts.

Is it possible to transport my sailing yacht or boat with a fixed mast?

Yes, it is possible to let the mast fixed during transportation.

Why do measurements and weights of the boat have to be correct?

If your yacht is bigger than declared, the vessel may not be able to load it. The cranes may not be able to lift it. If it is longer or broader than announced it may not fit into the designated loading place on deck or in the hold. Your boat will be measured in case of doubt, and shipment of your yacht can be refused when the measurements do not match. The most important reason for a possible rejection is security: If your boat is bigger or heavier than declared, it may be a danger to the vessel, to the crew or the stevedores, and as a matter of fact, to the yacht itself during loading and shipment.


What do I have to observe during loading?

As soon as we are prepared for loading, we will call you (please be flexible, the date and time of loading may vary). We do our best to load your yacht as fast as possible, but unexpected lags can appear. At arrival with your yacht alongside the vessel, we will drop some lines to you. Please fasten same at front and aft clamps at the vessels side. Some of our colleagues will then prepare your yacht for loading. Now stop the engines and secure and stow everything seaworthy. Thereafter you will leave your yacht and we will start loading. After your yacht is loaded and secured on deck, you can enter the yacht again, stow the fenders and lock the yacht safely. Please hand over the yacht keys to a member of our company or our local agent.

What do I have to observe during discharging?

We will keep you informed about the arrival in the discharge port – please remember that because of bad weather-conditions delays may appear. After your yacht has been discharged you just start the engines and enjoy your new ambience.

Are there any special requirements when attending loading/discharging?

If you or members of your crew intend to be present during loading/discharging of your yacht, please keep in mind, that you will be located in one of most dangerous working environments in the world. Before entering the vessel remember that the captain is exclusively authorized to admit entry. So please ask for permission before you enter the vessel and observe all instructions, given from us or the vessel’s crew. Vessel ladders and the vessels deck may be very slippery and covered with lashing material. At all times you must wear safe and fixed footwear and a helmet. Global Boat Shipping cannot be held responsibility for any casualties.


Do I have to be present during loading/discharging?

No, but you or your agent have to bring the boat direct to the vessel to ensure an immediately loading. The loading/discharging will be done by our experienced crew. If you are not able to deliver or pick up the yacht yourself Global Boat Shipping will provide an experienced skipper on your own account.

May I travel aboard during sea transportation?

Merchant vessels do not normally provide accommodations for passengers. However Global Boat Shipping always tries to arrange a place, if desired. If you need assistance in traveling to the port of loading/discharging Global Boat Shipping is able to arrange low cost flights and a connection from the airport to the port and vice versa. Additionally we would be happy to arrange accommodation in the port of loading/discharge.

I need a berth for my yacht before and after loading, what shall I do?

Thanks to the extensive network of agents Global Boat Shipping is able to arrange a berth on your own account. Please keep in mind that popular ports and marinas are often congested during the season so please do inform us in time if you need any assistance.

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